Our Clinical Team

 Dr. Christina Dahs

Joined the Practice in 1994, after six years spent mostly in Anaesthetics and General Medicine.
She was the first new doctor to join the Partnership in more than 25 years, which was quite an event for patients and staff. (They've all got used to her by now)
Has a special interest in Palliative Medicine and Orthopaedics. Give her an electronic gadget, like a computer or anything else with blinking lights and you 'll keep her happy for hours on end...
Heading towards middle age now, she needs regular recuperation in sunny Florida and occasional maintenance at a German Spa.


 Dr. Ian Philip Humberstone

Has special interests in Family Planning, Diabetes Mellitus and Rheumatology, but actually is a bit of an all-rounder. (We are still trying to find a subject he doesen't know something about!)
When he isn't making his patients better he is known to put on his boiler suit and attend to all types of essential repairs in the Surgery.
Has submitted himself to some heroic self-testing of the Atkins Diet and keeps fit by doing his home visits and commuting on a bike.

 Shona Henlen
Practice Manager

Joined us in January 2004 from Havering PCT (headhunted actually).
Shona has a background in nursing and midwifery and is a perfectionist at heart.
She likes things neat and tidy, which is just as well, as both doctors are somewhat untidy.
She actually enjoys audit and clinical governance (yes!).
Shona is quietly determined in her ways and passionate about patient care.
Already her influence is showing and given time we’ll be very organised indeed!

 Janet Cameron
Nurse Practitioner

Joined the Practice in 1989 (when she was still a brunette !)
Had to get the patients and doctors used to the many benefits a skilled nurse has to offer...
Over the years Janet has gradually extended her role (and skills) and is soon to be a fully fledged Nurse Practitioner. She run our chronic disease clinics for Diabetes, IHD and COPD.
Although she would rather be on the golf course than work, she has yet to persuade the doctors that she should be allowed three days paid leave every week.

 Debbie Carter
Practice Nurse

Joined the Practice in 2000 and still is a brunette(just give us time!)
She has a special interest in Tissue Viability and her wound healing skills are legendary.
Debbie runs our Older People's and Hypertension Screening Clinics.
In her spare time she is in charge of one of the local Beaver Groups and is often seen taking rubbish (sorry, non-clinical) waste home to turn it into Dragons and other scary things with a little help from her Beavers.

 Dr. Mohammed Akhter                                                                       Salaried GP


Dr. Binu Antony

Salaried GP

Lisa Robinson

Nurse Practitioner


Clarlotte Powell

Practice Nurse