About our Practice

Our Practice was one of the first GP-Practices to be established in the area and its history goes as far back as the NHS itself.
It was founded by Dr. Ernest Anthony, and was initially located in Osborne Road in Hornchurch.

Dr Anthony then moved to Upminster and practised out of the family home at the corner of Corbets Tey Road and Little Gaynes Lane. In the early 1950's he opened a second surgery in Ingrebourne Gardens and was joined by his son Dr. John Anthony and his nephew Dr. Michael Anfilogoff. 

To make it easier for patients to book appointments with "their" doctor, the young doctor's became known as Dr. John and Dr. Michael. Later Dr Helen Foley became an assistant. 


On Dr. Ernest Anthony 's death a prefabricated building was hastily put up in the garden of the original Surgery and the location became number 1 Little Gaynes Lane.

The original house was sold and is now a residential home.

Dr. Helen Foley became a full partner. For the next 20 years they worked as team looking after an ever increasing practice population.


On Dr MIchael's retirement Dr Tina Dahs joined and a couple of years later Dr Ian Humberstone replaced Dr Foley.

Both new doctors carried on the practice tradition of using first names and they are known as Dr Tina and Dr Ian.

All of us work from both sites.

Our Surgery at 1 Little Gaynes Lane was completely rebuilt in 2003 
and in January 2007 we moved into our also fully redeveloped Cranham Village Surgery in Ingrebourne Gardens.